Your Own Team of Experts

About The Service

Data Services is comprised of an elite team who specialize in court form preparation for homeowners facing challenges with their mortgage lender and 3rd party collectors. This team helps prepare the appropriate forms which guide homeowners towards successful settlements in their local courthouse.

Lenders have violated your homeowner’s rights and it is time to stand up against them.

Denied for a Loan Modification?

Asking for a loan modification from a mortgage lender gives the lender the advantage. You are at their mercy when asking for a modification. We help you stand up against your lender once in for all.

The solution is simple. File your own law suit against your mortgage lender without the expense of an attorney.

This is a perfect service for homeowners who have been given the constant run-around from their lender, denied a loan modification, and simply cannot afford an attorney on their own.

(Note: Any company which is offering loan modification assistance is breaking both state and federal laws.)


We are not a loan modification or do we offer any services for foreclosure protection.